“Fare forward, you who think that you are voyaging; 
You are not those who saw the harbour 
Receding, or those who will disembark. 
Here between the hither and the farther shore 
While time is withdrawn, consider the future 
And the past with an equal mind. “

– T.S. Eliot

Like many, I entered the museum world via a side door. My background was in Information Science (MLIS), history, and art. Over the past decade, my experience has been in education, historic interpretation, and museum management. I’m proud to serve as Vice President of the Edison & Ford Winter Estates and as a Trustee of the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation.

I’m interested in the intersection of history, science, art, and technology. Here’s a quick C.V.:

  • Co-author, Edison & Ford in Florida (2015)
  • Author, “Thousands of Years of Florida’s History and Culture Reflected at Historic Horr House, The Florida Preservationist, Fall 2018